Multistaining made easy

Kromnigon’s multistaining tools solves many known problems
in histology and flow cytometry by providing:

<p><strong>Easy-to-use</strong> and flexible<br />
multistaining toolkits</p>

Easy-to-use and flexible
multistaining toolkits

<p><strong>Affordable</strong> microscope upgrades<br />
for more color channels</p>

Affordable microscope upgrades
for more color channels

<p><strong>Compatible</strong> with standard<br />
fluorescence microscopes</p>

Compatible with standard
fluorescence microscopes

The company comprises two patented innovations that complement each other:

SpectraSplit; a combination of light filter sets which enables
simultaneous and clearer detection of up to eight labeled structures.

FlexiStain; a toolbox that enables fast and flexible
antibody-based multistaining with no crossbinding.