Multistaining made easy

Kromnigon’s multistaining tools solves many known problems in histology and flow cytometry by providing innovative products

A multistaining toolkit

FlexiStain™ multistains your biotinylated
antibodies by a flexible and easy-to-use toolkit

  • Flexible reagents – add the colors you
    need to any biotinylated antibody
  • Completely scalable – label with click-
    chemistry from less 1 µg to several mg
  • Simple protocols – stain using a cocktail
    of FlexiStained Abs or combine with
    other Abs

A microscope upgrade

SpectraSplit™ upgrades your fluorescense
microscopy by adding more channels.

  • Many color channels – up to seven
    channels without losing sensitivity
  • Clear bright signals – improved signal-to-
    noise rations of commonly used fluorochromes
  • Simple process – no extra software
    needed for post-image analysis



Kromnigon AB is a Swedish biotechnology company seated in Gothenburg based on research from the University of Gothenburg. The company is focusing on tools for multicolor fluorescence that simplifies the use of fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry. Kromnigon was formally established in 2015 and has since been continuously supported by GU Ventures.