An innovative Swedish
biotechnology company

Kromnigon AB is a Swedish biotechnology company currently focused on developing and marketing new multistaining solutions for histology. The development and commercial operations are supported by GU Ventures, VINNOVA and research teams at University of Gothenburg.


Kromnigon AB is a Swedish biotechnology company seated in Gothenburg based on research from the University of Gothenburg. The company is focusing on tools for multicolor fluorescence that simplifies the use of fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry. Kromnigon was formally established in 2015 and has since been continuously supported by GU Ventures.


Alexander Lagerman

Operations Manager at Kromnigon M.Sc. Bioscience Business & B.Sc. Molecular Biology

Per Fogelstrand

Co-founder & CSO at Kromnigon Assistant Professor at the Wallenberg Laboratory, University of Gothenburg

Ulf Yrlid

Co-founder & Technical Adviser Associate Professor at the Department of Microbiology & Immunology, University of Gothenburg

Matthias Papp

Investor and CEO of Scandinavian Nutrients AB as well as Project Manager at East Capital


GU Ventures Investment management company fully owned by the Swedish government. Their aim is to develop new companies based on research and leading edge competency from the University of Gothenburg. To date, GU Ventures has financed and initiated over 130 companies and a number of projects.

By active support from the owners, added value is created in the portfolio companies in order to ensure business, market and technological development, as well as in the area of intellectual property rights, managerial and organizational structures, and financing. GU Ventures has from the start supported Kromnigon by strategic advice finding financial support. Special thanks to Dr. Lorna Fletcher, IP Strategist & Business Developer at GU Ventures.

Vinnova Swedish government agency that administers state funding for research and development. The agency promotes development of efficient and innovative Swedish companies. Vinnova has funded a substantial part of the technical verification and commercialization of  FlexiStain.

Emerge Investment Group Private investment company that focuses on emerging growth companies. The teaming up with Kromnigon provides experience in contract manufacturing, logistics, financing, incorporation, and scale-up.