Tailor every stain

  • Fast – In solution, add fluorochromes to biotinylated antibodies in less than 10 min. No columns, washes, or purification steps needed.
  • Adaptable – Label as little as 1 µg or up to several mgs of biotinylated antibodies. Use straight away or store for later.
  • Flexible – Tailor-make each stain. The four most popular fluorochromes in IHC are available.


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“The big advantage of Flexistain is the flexibility! You can easily change which fluorochrome to attach
to the biotinylated antibody and you can use several biotinylated antibodies together. Furthermore,
in the lab we are using some antibodies that are not commercially available with suitable fluorochromes.
Without FlexiStain we could not easily use these antibodies for multi-immunostaining.
Finally, immunostaining with FlexiStain is time-saving since you skip the secondary step.”

– Anneli Strömberg, researcher at University of Gothenburg

The streptaclick technology maximizes the potential of biotinylated antibodies

FlexiStain attaches fluorochromes to biotinylated antibodies using the streptaclick technology. The click reaction is performed in solution in less than 10 minutes – no purification, no loss of antibodies, and it can be performed in microliter volumes. The small reaction volume makes it practical to label individual biotinylated antibodies in single experiments with any of the available fluorochromes (AF488, Atto542, AF594, AF647). FlexStained antibodies are as bright as directly conjugated antibodies and can be used straight away or stored at +4C for use later. This makes FlexiStain a powerful reagent that increases the flexibility of existing antibody libraries and makes designing panels for multistainings quick and easy.

Illustrated user protocol
Step 1


<p><strong><span style="color: #6b1c95;">Conjugation</span></strong></p>
Step 2


<p><strong><span style="color: #6b1c95;">Immunostaining</span></strong></p>
Step 3


<p><strong><span style="color: #6b1c95;">Analysis</span></strong></p>

For more detailed information, see the user manual.


1 μl FlexiStain™ reagent labels 0,1 μg biotinylated antibody.

Product Content* Price

FlexiStain™ Singles

500 μl FlexiStain™ of your choice. Labels 50 µg biotinylated antibody.

320 €

FlexiStain™ 4-pack

500 μl AlexaFluor 488 FlexiStain

500 μl ATTO-TEC 542 FlexiStain

500 μl AlexaFluor 594 FlexiStain

500 μl AlexaFluor 647 FlexiStain

--- €

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