FlexiStain fast and flexible multi-immunostaining with multiple biotinylated antibodies in frozen sections or cell suspensions.

FlexiStain™ multistains your biotinylated
antibodies by a flexible and easy-to-use toolkit

  • Flexible reagents – add the colors you need to any
    biotinylated antibody
  • Completely scalable – label with click-chemistry from
    less 1 microgram to several miligrams
  • Simple protocols – stain using a cocktail of
    FlexiStained Abs or combine with other Abs


FlexiStain™ makes multistaining easy

With FlexiStain™ you use the direct immunostaining method, but with remained fluorochrome flexibility. All you need is biotinylated primary antibodies and a kit of FlexiStain™. FlexiStain™ adds color to the antibody before the immunostaining procedure with a simple click-chemistry step (5 minutes, no washes). The fluorochrome flexibility and the lack of antibody cross-binding makes FlexiStain™ ideal for multi-immunostaining experiments. FlexiStained antibodies generate bright fluorescence signals and are easily combined with current immunolabeling methods.

FlexiStain is a completely flexible enhancer
Illustrated user protocol
Step 1

FlexiStain Conjugation

<p><strong><span style="color: #6b1c95;">FlexiStain</span></strong> Conjugation</p>
Step 2

FlexiStain Immunostaining

<p><strong><span style="color: #6b1c95;">FlexiStain</span></strong> Immunostaining</p>
Step 3

FlexiStain Analysis

<p><strong><span style="color: #6b1c95;">FlexiStain</span></strong> Analysis</p>

Each 10 μl FlexiStain™ reagent labels 1 ug biotinylated antibody. FlexiStain™ is available in two sizes: Small (S) – 250 μl FlexiStain™ (labels 25 ug antibody), and Large (L) – 1000 μl FlexiStain™  (labels 100 ug antibody).

Product Content* Price

FlexiStain™ Singles (S)

250 μl FlexiStain™ of your choice.

165 €

FlexiStain™ Singles (L)

1000 μl FlexiStain of your choice.

495 €

FlexiStain™ 4-pac (S)

250 μl AlexaFluor 488 FlexiStain

250 μl ATTO-TEC 542 FlexiStain

250 μl AlexaFluor 594 FlexiStain

250 μl AlexaFluor 647 FlexiStain

495 €

FlexiStain™ 4-pac (S)

1000 μl AlexaFluor 488 FlexiStain

1000 μl ATTO-TEC 542 FlexiStain

1000 μl AlexaFluor 594 FlexiStain

1000 μl AlexaFluor 647 FlexiStain

1485 €

* The Alexa Fluor trademark belongs to LTC and Kromnigon Products contain technology licensed to Kromnigon by LTC under Limited Use Label License (LULL).