FlexiStain™ enables fast and flexible multi-immunostaining without antibody cross-binding.



Detection of a specific protein in a sample using antibodies is generally referred to as immunostaining. With the use of fluorescent reporter molecules (fluorochromes), several proteins can be analyzed simultaneously within a sample, so called multi-immunostaining.  Multi-immunostaining is frequently used in flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy. In flow cytometry, antibodies are often directly labeled with fluorochromes (the direct method), while labeled secondary antibodies are often used in microscopy to achieve signal amplification (the indirect method). The use of secondary antibodies requires different animal species of the primary antibodies, which makes multi-immunostaing for microscopy much more difficult than for flow cytometry. On the other hand, directly labeled antibodies are stuck with their reporter molecules, which forces users of flow cytometry to buy the same antibody over and over again in different colors to fit in the immunopanel design.


FlexiStain™ makes multistaining easy

With FlexiStain™ you use the direct immunostaining method, but with remained fluorochrome flexibility. All you need is biotinylated primary antibodies and a kit of FlexiStain™. FlexiStain™ adds color to the antibody before the immunostaining procedure with a simple click-chemistry step (5 minutes, no washes). The fluorochrome flexibility and the lack of antibody cross-binding makes FlexiStain™ ideal for multi-immunostaining experiments. FlexiStained antibodies generate bright fluorescence signals and are easily combined with current immunolabeling methods.

For more information, please view the user manual which can be downloaded here (PDF):

User Manual FlexiStain™

Why use FlexiStain™ reagents?
<p><strong>Flexible reagents</strong> – add the colors you need to your antibodies</p>

Flexible reagents – add the colors you need to your antibodies

<p><strong>Fast process</strong> – multi-immunostain using a single antibody cocktail</p>

Fast process – multi-immunostain using a single antibody cocktail

<p><strong>Strong signaling</strong> – stronger signals than directly conjugated antibodies</p>

Strong signaling – stronger signals than directly conjugated antibodies


Each 10 μl FlexiStain™ reagent labels 1 ug biotinylated antibody. FlexiStain™ is available in two sizes: Small (S) – 250 μl FlexiStain™ (labels 25 ug antibody), and Large (L) – 1000 μl FlexiStain™  (labels 100 ug antibody).

Product Content* Price

FlexiStain™ Singles (S)

250 μl FlexiStain™ of your choice.

165 €

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FlexiStain™ Singles (L)

1000 μl FlexiStain of your choice.

495 €

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FlexiStain™ 4-pac (S)

250 μl AlexaFluor 488 FlexiStain

250 μl ATTO-TEC 542 FlexiStain

250 μl AlexaFluor 594 FlexiStain

250 μl AlexaFluor 647 FlexiStain

495 €

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FlexiStain™ 4-pac (S)

1000 μl AlexaFluor 488 FlexiStain

1000 μl ATTO-TEC 542 FlexiStain

1000 μl AlexaFluor 594 FlexiStain

1000 μl AlexaFluor 647 FlexiStain

1485 €

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