FlexiStain maximizes the potential of biotinylated antibodies

Simultaneously use multiple biotinylated antibodies in immunofluorescense stainings with  FlexiStain™

  • Fast – Label biotinylated Abs in solution in less than 10 min,
    no columns, washes or purification steps needed.
  • Adaptable – Label less than 1 µg or up to several mgs of
    biotinylated ab, to use straight away or store for later use.
  • Flexible – Switch color from experiment to experiment.
    The four most popular fluorochromes in IHC are available.


FlexiStain™ maximizes the potential
of biotinylated antibodies

With FlexiStain you label biotinylated antibodies in solution. By following the simple protocol practically any volume of antibody can be labeled with Alexa488, Atto542 (Cy3 equivalent), Alexa594 or Alexa647 in less than 10 minutes. Once the fluorochrome is attached you can use the labeled antibody straight away or store at +4°C for later use. The FlexiStained antibody can be used in multistainings together with other FlexiStained antibodies, directly conjugated antibodies or primary + secondary antibody protocols. The brightness of a FlexiStained antibody is the same as with a directly conjugated antibody. As you can easily in microliter volumes attach either of the four fluorochromes, each bitionylated antibody in practice becomes four alternatives when setting up antibody panels for multicolor stainings. Therefore, FlexiStain is a powerful toolbox that increases the flexibility of your antibody arsenal.

Illustrated user protocol
Step 1


<p><strong><span style="color: #6b1c95;">Conjugation</span></strong></p>
Step 2


<p><strong><span style="color: #6b1c95;">Immunostaining</span></strong></p>
Step 3


<p><strong><span style="color: #6b1c95;">Analysis</span></strong></p>

1 μl FlexiStain™ reagent labels 0,1 μg biotinylated antibody.

Product Content* Price

FlexiStain™ Singles (S)

250 μl FlexiStain™ of your choice.

165 €

FlexiStain™ Singles (L)

1000 μl FlexiStain of your choice.

495 €

FlexiStain™ 4-pac (S)

250 μl AlexaFluor 488 FlexiStain

250 μl ATTO-TEC 542 FlexiStain

250 μl AlexaFluor 594 FlexiStain

250 μl AlexaFluor 647 FlexiStain

495 €

FlexiStain™ 4-pac (L)

1000 μl AlexaFluor 488 FlexiStain

1000 μl ATTO-TEC 542 FlexiStain

1000 μl AlexaFluor 594 FlexiStain

1000 μl AlexaFluor 647 FlexiStain

1485 €

* The Alexa Fluor trademark belongs to LTC and Kromnigon Products contain technology licensed to Kromnigon by LTC under Limited Use Label License (LULL).