SpectraSplit™ are unique filter sets that upgrades your microscope with up to 8 channels, without spillover

SpectraSplit™ upgrades your fluorescence
microscopy by adding more channels.

  • Plug-in the SpectraSplit™ filter sets in your
    standard light microscope.
  • Keep using your favorite fluorochromes and
    analyze one to three more.
  • SpectraSplit allows you to analyze Cy3, Alexa594
    and Alexa647 without spectral overlap

SpectraSplit™ permits economic use of available light

SpectraSplit™ is a combination of carefully selected light filters to generate more and clearer channels in standard fluorescence microscopy. SpectraSplit™ permits a much more economic use of the available light spectrum by splitting up each of the common channels (green, red, and far-red) into two separate channels.

The channel splits are obtained by the use of condensed filter sets that each occupies a much smaller portion of the light spectrum, without losing the sensitivity for its fluorochrome. In fact, the SpectraSplit™ filter sets have improved signal-to-noise ratios due to its optimized placement of excitation and emission filters that further favor the fluorochrome signal over the background noise.


A wide range of fluorochromes can be visualized with each SpectraSplitTM filter set. The listed price for each
SpectraSplitTM filter set is 1 500 €. However, always ask for an individual quote.

OptionsExplanationS-Split Filters
S-Split upgrade (2)
Split the red channel into two
Replace the standard red filter set with S-Split 546 and S-Split 594, and keep your standard DAPI + green filter sets.
S-Split upgrade (3)
Split the red channel into two and add a far-red channel
S-Split 647 is designed to block bleedthrough from red fluorochromes
S-Split upgrade (5)
Split the green and the red channel into four and add a far-red channel
Replace the standard green filter set with S-Split 440 and S-Split 488
Split DAPI into twoReplace the standard DAPI filter set with S-Split DAPI and S-Split 405
Full S-Split setup
Add an infra-red channel

S-Split 750 is designed to block bleedthrough from 647 fluorochromes (far-red fluorochromes)