SpectraSplit™ are unique filter sets that upgrades your microscope to up to 8 channels, without losing the color channels you are familiar with. SpectraSplit™ filter sets (filter cubes) are easy to install in standard fluorescence microscopes.



OptionsExplanationS-Split Filters
S-Split upgrade (2)
Split the red channel into two
Replace the standard red filter set with S-Split 546 and S-Split 594, and keep your standard DAPI + green filter sets.
S-Split upgrade (3)
Split the red channel into two and add a far-red channel
S-Split 647 is designed to block bleedthrough from red fluorochromes
S-Split upgrade (5)
Split the green and the red channel into four and add a far-red channel
Replace the standard green filter set with S-Split 440 and S-Split 488
Split DAPI into twoReplace the standard DAPI filter set with S-Split DAPI and S-Split 405
Full S-Split setup
Add an infra-red channel

S-Split 750 is designed to block bleedthrough from 647 fluorochromes (far-red fluorochromes)

Fluorescence microscopy

Fluorescence microscopy enables visualization of several proteins within the same tissue sample (multicolor microscopy). Key parts in multicolor microscopy are the filter sets in the microscope. The filters sets assure that light from each fluorochrome are correctly filtered to generate distinct and specific signals. There are three basic filters in fluorescence microscopy: excitation filters, emission filters and dichromatic beam splitters. These three filters form a filter set that usually are mounted into a filter cube. Proper selection of each filter component is critical to successful fluorescence microscopy.

For more background understanding of fluorescence microscopy, we recommend JoVE’s science education videos.


SpectraSplit™ permits economic use of available light

SpectraSplit™ is a combination of carefully selected light filters to generate more and clearer channels in standard fluorescence microscopy. SpectraSplit™ permits a much more economic use of the available light spectrum by splitting up each of the common channels (green, red, and far-red) into two separate channels.

The channel splits are obtained by the use of condensed filter sets that each occupies a much smaller portion of the light spectrum, without losing the sensitivity for its fluorochrome. In fact, the SpectraSplit™ filter sets have improved signal-to-noise ratios due to its optimized placement of excitation and emission filters that further favor the fluorochrome signal over the background noise.

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A simple and powerful microscope upgrade

Product listing

The listed price for each SpectraSplit™ filter set is 1 500 €. A wide range of fluorochromes can be visualized with each SpectraSplit™ filter set. Examples are listed below.

Product name Applicable fluorochromes

S-Split DAPI


S-Split 405

Brilliant violet 421, AF405, etc.

S-Split 440

Brilliant violet 480, ATTO425, Sytox blue, etc.

S-Split 488

AF488, ATTO488, CF488, DyLight488, FITC, eGFP, CFSE, etc.

S-Split 546

AF546, ATTO542, Cy3, CF543, AttoRho6G, DyLight549, PE, EFlour570, etc.

S-Split 594

AF594, ATTO590, Atto594, Cy3.5, CF594, DyLight594, etc.

S-Split 647

AF647, ATTO647, Cy5.5, DyLight650, etc.

S-Split 750

[To be added]