Filter sets for optimal multicolor separation in standard microscopes

SpectraSplit™ upgrades your fluorescence microscopy by adding more channels.

  • Plug-in the SpectraSplit™ filter sets in your
    standard light microscope.
  • Keep using your favorite fluorochromes and
    analyze one to three more.
  • SpectraSplit allows you to analyze Cy3, Alexa594
    and Alexa647 without spectral overlap

SpectraSplit™ improves multicolor microscopy

SpectraSplit are light filters developed for optimal fluorochrome separation in multicolor microscopy.  The filter sets are easily installed in standard fluorescence microscopes (see installation video to the right) and no additional software is needed. Installation of SpectraSplit immediately adds more and clearer channels for common fluorochromes to the microscope. For example, the four most popular fluorochromes in immunohistochemistry—Alexa488, Cy3, Alexa 594, Alexa 647—can be used together in multi-immunostainings without spectral overlap. Importantly, each SpectraSplit filter set detects a wide range of fluorochromes with similar spectra (see Table). Due to high fluorochrome specificity over background noise, the SpectraSplit filter sets have exceptionally high signal-to-noise ratios. Hence, in addition to more channels, SpectraSplit is also a powerful tool for analyzing tissues with high autofluorescence. Taken together, SpectraSplit is a fast, affordable, and high quality option to get more channels out of your microscope


A wide range of fluorochromes can be visualized with each SpectraSplitTM filter set. The listed price for each
SpectraSplitTM filter set is 1 500 €. However, always ask for an individual quote.

OptionsExplanationS-Split Filters
S-Split upgrade (2)
Split the red channel into two
Replace the standard red filter set with S-Split 546 and S-Split 594, and keep your standard DAPI + green filter sets.
S-Split upgrade (3)
Split the red channel into two and add a far-red channel
S-Split 647 is designed to block bleedthrough from red fluorochromes
S-Split upgrade (5)
Split the green and the red channel into four and add a far-red channel
Replace the standard green filter set with S-Split 440 and S-Split 488
Split DAPI into twoReplace the standard DAPI filter set with S-Split DAPI and S-Split 405
Full S-Split setup
Add an infra-red channel

S-Split 750 is designed to block bleedthrough from 647 fluorochromes (far-red fluorochromes)