StreptaClick® Technology

StreptaClick® is a patented molecule that is based on monovalent streptavidin and has an affinity equivalent to that of tetravalent streptavidin. StreptaClick® can be firmly attached to any biotinylated antibody through a simple pre-mixing step prior to usage in experiments. Currently, StreptaClick® is available with fluorochromes, enzymes and alkyne groups. This makes StreptaClick® suitable to applications in immunofluorescence, biochemistry and click chemistry, among others.

Additionally, StreptaClick® can be used ‘off-the-shelf’ for custom features. With StreptaClick®, you have the capability to accurately conjugate a specific quantity—ranging from one to four—of distinct molecules (e.g. oligos) using azide-alkyne chemistry.

Transforming Your Multiplex IHC Experience

StreptaClick® – Incorporate Any Antibody Into Your Assay

Experience true versatile multiplex immunohistochemistry where any protein can be effortlessly incorporated into the the immunopanel using StreptaClick® antibody labeling. From the planning stage to execution, StreptaClick® streamlines the multiplex IHC process. You can easily attach fluorochromes and HRP enzyme to any biotinylated antibody, with fast, reliable, and clean results.

SpectraSplit® 7 Precision-Engineered Seven Channel Filter Sets For Any Fluorescence Microscope

Using more colors per single scanning cycle enhances data collection. With SpectraSplit® 7 optical filter sets, visualizing up to 7 colors has never been easier. Simply select among the most popular fluorochromes for each color channel and image without bleed-through. SpectraSplit® 7 generates clean, sharp images without the need for spectral unmixing, making it suitable for any downstream application.

Multiplex TSA IHC Method for Frozen Tissue

Experience the novel HRP Block Buffer and the StreptaClick®-HRP Labeling Reagent included in StreptaClick® HRP multiplex IHC kit – the ultimate solution for multiplex TSA on frozen sections. No heat treatment between cycles preserves the morphology of frozen tissue sections and results in a faster TSA protocol for manual staining of both FFPE and frozen sections

Perfectly Suited for Mouse Tissue Analyses

SpectraSplit® 7

SpectraSplit® 7 are patented filter sets that empower fluorescence microscopes with seven color channels.  The channels are distributed over four filter sets and specifically separate the most commonly used fluorochromes in immunofluorescence (see table below). Hence, you can immunostain tissues with up to seven fluorochromes and still visualize each fluorochrome in the sample with SpectraSplit® 7 without bleedthrough. No additional software and no computational spectral unmixing are required. SpectraSplit® 7 can easily be installed in both standard and scanning fluorescence microscopes, and can be run with different popular light sources. See the description below for more information. Request a Quote

StreptaClick® Color

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StreptaClick® Color labels antibodies with fluorochromes, mimicking directly conjugated antibodies. StreptaClick® Color provides a rapid, robust, and flexible method for attaching fluorochromes to biotinylated antibodies. Once labeled with StreptaClick®, the antibody is stable and can be used in the same manner as antibodies that are directly conjugated with fluorochromes. The click reaction is highly efficient and can be carried out at any volume, concentration, or buffer. StreptaClick® Color is available in four colors: AZDye™ 488, AZDye™ 594, AZDye™ 647, and Atto™ 542. The AZDyes™ are structurally identical to the Alexa Fluor® dyes, and Atto 542 is a particularly bright dye with a spectral similarity to Cy®3. The StreptaClick® 2-Color Kit contains the Labeling Reagents for StreptaClick® Color 488 and StreptaClick® Color 647, along with Biotin Block Buffer. The StreptaClick® 2-Color Kit is suitable for multiplex IHC and Flow Cytometry. The StreptaClick® 4-Color Kit contains the Labeling Reagents for StreptaClick® Color 488, StreptaClick® Color 542, StreptaClick® Color 594, and StreptaClick® Color 647, along with Biotin Block Buffer. The StreptaClick® 4-Color Kit is suitable for multiplex IHC. Each color contains 500 μl of StreptaClick® antibody labeling reagent, capable of labeling 50 μg of biotinylated antibody, sufficient for approximately 50 slides. Select your StreptaClick® Color Kit: