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SpectraSplit® 7

SpectraSplit® 7 are patented filter sets that empower fluorescence microscopes with seven color channels.  The channels are distributed over four filter sets and specifically separate the most commonly used fluorochromes in immunofluorescence (see table below). Hence, you can immunostain tissues with up to seven fluorochromes and still visualize each fluorochrome in the sample with SpectraSplit® 7 without bleedthrough. No additional software and no computational spectral unmixing are required. SpectraSplit® 7 can easily be installed in both standard and scanning fluorescence microscopes, and can be run with different popular light sources. See the description below for more information. Request a Quote


StreptaClick® Color labels antibodies with fluorochromes, mimicking directly conjugated antibodies. StreptaClick®-color provides a rapid, robust, and flexible method for attaching fluorochromes to biotinylated antibodies. Once labeled with StreptaClick®, the antibody is stable and can be used in the same manner as antibodies that are directly conjugated with fluorochromes. The click reaction is highly efficient and can be carried out at any volume, concentration, or buffer. StreptaClick®-color is available in four colors: AZDye™ 488, AZDye™ 594, AZDye™ 647, and Atto™ 542. The AZDyes™ are structurally identical to the Alexa Fluor® dyes, and Atto 542 is a particularly bright dye with a spectral similarity to Cy®3. Each color contains 500 μl of StreptaClick® antibody labeling reagent, capable of labeling 50 μg of biotinylated antibody, sufficient for approximately 50 slides. Select your StreptaClick®-Colors:

StreptaClick®-HRP Mutliplex IHC Kit

390 850 
StreptaClick®–HRP antibody labeling reagent and a novel HRP block buffer that efficiently quenches HRP activity between staining cycles. Unlike other buffers, this HRP block buffer does not require boiling between cycles, thus not only reducing the time for each staining cycle but also making it compatible with both FFPE sections and frozen sections, all while preserving tissue morphology. StreptaClick®–HRP is compatible with biotinylated antibodies from any host and on tissues from mice, humans, rats, and other species. Note: While the kit does NOT include TSA Dyes or Signal Amplification buffer, these items are also available for purchase in our online store.

Tyramide Dyes and Signal Amplification Buffer

140 150 
Carefully selected tyramide dyes to provide the brightest panel available on the market, delivering a signal 10-50x brighter than direct conjugates. Although our Tyramide Dyes are optimized and recommended for use with the StreptaClick®-HRP Multiplex IHC kit, they can also be applied in other TSA protocols. Our selection includes 8 optimized tyramide dyes. We suggest a combination of six tyramide dyes along with DAPI. Note that AZDye™ 555 and Cyanine 3 exhibit overlapping signals, as do AZDye™ 647 and Cyanine 5, and thus should not be used simultaneously in the same assay. One vial of tyramide dye is sufficient for 100 stainings (100 ul staining volume). The Signal amplification buffer is sufficient for 250 stainings (100 ul staining volume) Choose your TSA reagents (minimum order 4 TSA dyes):