Direct 7-color visualization of multistained tissues (no spectral unmixing)
SpectraSplit is unique filter sets for direct visualizing 7-color multiplex IHC. No spectral unmixing is needed, just load samples and acquire images. The filter sets are compatible with standard and scanning fluorescence microscopes of various brands.

Easy to use – no single stained slides, no time spent on post processing
SpectraSplit separates each fluorochrome directly by the filter sets without computer-based post-processing. You do not have to include single stained sections and no time-consuming excecution of spectral unmixing is required. Hence, SpectraSplit speeds up the image acquisition. In addition, its simplicity greatly increases access to all users as no extra training is needed to go from three to seven colors.

Outstanding fluorochrome separation and image quality
SpectraSplit has less than 0.5% spillover between any of the channels, which generates an efficient fluorochrome separation. The image quality is outstanding due to high fluorochrome specificity over background noise. This is of extra importance when the staining is weak and for tissues with high autofluorescence.

Works with both white light and LEDs
SpectraSplit can be combined with white light sources and multichannel LEDs (Table below).

Compatible with a large number of common fluorochromes
SpectraSplit is fully compatible with a wide range of common fluorochromes, including AlexaFluor dyes and the Opal Polaris 7-color manual IHC detection kit. Hence, you have a large variety of fluorochrome options when setting up a 7-color IHC (Table below).

Customer feedback

“We’ve imaged over 2,500 highly-multiplexed slides with the Spectra Split filters in the past year and the data in every single sample set is crisp and clean. Our users do a large amount of RNAScope staining utilizing the Opal dye set and it’s been a game changer for us to have the Spectra Split filters that are precisely matched to these dyes. The imaged samples have been a wide range of tissue sections and cultured cells and none of my other microscopes, both filter-based and with spectral detection, match the Opals as well as SpectraSplit.”

Christina Baer, Director, SCOPE Imaging Facility, UMass Chan Medical School, Worcester MA

“Our company Offspring Biosciences supports project teams in the pharma industry with histology-based contract services. Kromnigons SpectraSplit filters have allowed us to significantly expand our capability to perform multiplexed immunofluorescence analyses with excellent separation between the fluorophores. We can highly recommend them.”

– Anders Dahlstrand, Managing Director at Offspring Bioscience –


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