Optimal multicolor separation

  • Multiplexing – Filter sets for 7-color multiplex IHC
  • No need for a workstation – For use in standard fluorescence microscopes
  • Easy – Just “plug in” filters and acquire images. No post-processing.

* * *

“Our company Offspring Biosciences supports project teams in the pharma industry
with histology-based contract services. Kromnigons SpectraSplit filters have allowed us
to significantly expand our capability to perform multiplexed immunofluorescence analyses
with excellent separation between the fluorophores. We can highly recommend them.”

– Anders Dahlstrand, Managing Director at Offspring Bioscience


7-color multiplex IHC without computional spectral unmixing                                            SpectraSplit is unique filter sets for 7-color multiplex IHC. The filter sets are easily installed without additional software in standard and scanning fluorescence microscopes of various brands. No spectral unmixing is needed, which makes SpectraSplit imaging fast, reliable and extremely easy to use for multiplexing.

White light or LEDs                                                  SpectraSplit can be combined with white light sources and multichannel LEDs (Table 1 below).

Fluorochrome choice                                               SpectraSplit is fully compatible with a wide range of common fluorochromes, including AlexaFluor and the Opal Polaris 7-color manual IHC detection kit.  Hence, you have the freedom to set up a fluorochrome panel of your own choice (Table 2 below).

Clear signals                                                                        Due to high fluorochrome specificity over background noise, SpectraSplit generates high quality images, and is beneficial for tissues with high autofluorescence.


The listed price for each SpectraSplit filter set is 1 350 €. Please contact info@kromnigon for information about adding extra channels to your microscope.

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