Multiplex with biotinylated antibodies
Select four biotinylated antibodies, mix each antibody with StreptaClick-color (AF488, Atto542, AF594, AF647), then add all four antibodies in a cocktail to the tissue and incubate. Voila, the multistaining is done!

Instant and efficient antibody labeling
The StreptaClick conjugation is performed in solution in less than 5 minutes without purification steps and without loss of antibodies. The reaction can be run in microliter volumes, which makes it practical to label antibodies for single experiments.

Compatible with directly conjugated antibodies
StreptaClick-labeled antibodies can be combined in multistainings with directly conjugated antibodies and are as bright as these.

Application: IHC and flow cytometry

Customer feedback
The big advantage of StreptaClick-color is the flexibility! You can easily change which fluorochrome to attach to the biotinylated antibody and you can use several biotinylated antibodies together. Furthermore, in the lab we are using some antibodies that are not commercially available with suitable fluorochromes. Without StreptaClick-color we could not easily use these antibodies for multi-immunostaining. Finally, immunostaining with StreptaClick-color is time-saving since you skip the secondary step.
– Anneli Strömberg, researcher at University of Gothenburg –

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