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StreptaClick® Precision — Monovalent Streptavidin for Click Chemistry

Customize StreptaClick® to fit your specific needs. We provide StreptaClick® equipped with a predetermined number of  alkyne groups (1-4), suitable for click chemistry. This allows you to attach 1, 2, 3, or 4 molecules with precision, catering to both small scale labeling and bulk production according to your application needs. You can attach your own biomolecules to these, allowing you to adapt StreptaClick® to your assays, target-seeking systems, or production enhancers. The controlled number of alkynes makes it easy for you to find the optimal StreptaClick® product for your needs. Additionally, StreptaClick® retains its biotin-binding capacity and can be easily linked to any biotinylated antibody or protein.

If you’re interested in exploring specific applications with StreptaClick®, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Defined number of alkynes for Click Chemistry

Introducing StreptaClick® Precision, your ultimate tool for precise protein labeling. Our specially engineered monovalent streptavidin features customizable alkyne groups (ranging from 1 to 4) strategically attached, offering unparalleled control in your labeling process.

StreptaClick® Precision Workflow

Click Chemistry

Revolutionize your scientific endeavors with our cutting-edge range of click chemistry products. Engineered to streamline and amplify your research, our line offers versatile solutions tailored to meet diverse needs. From customizable StreptaClick® variants, equipped with precisely controlled alkyne groups for seamless molecule attachment, to a comprehensive selection of click-compatible reagents and tools, our products empower you to drive innovation in drug development, biomolecule labeling, and beyond. Experience efficiency and precision in every reaction, allowing you to unleash the full potential of click chemistry in your laboratory. Join the forefront of scientific advancement with our click chemistry solutions and transform your experiments into groundbreaking discoveries.

How it works

With StreptaClick® Precision, the labeling process becomes seamless. Connect the alkyne-labeled streptavidin to your biotinylated protein using just a single biotin link. Then, utilizing click chemistry—a powerful and precise method—attach your reporter molecule to your protein of interest through an alkyne/azide reaction. This method ensures accurate and specific labeling in every experiment.

This innovation grants you exquisite control over labeling positions and ratios, enabling detailed exploration of protein behaviors, interactions, and localization. Enhance sensitivity and specificity in your experiments, empowering your research to reach new heights.

Monovalent Streptavidin for Click Chemistry

Introducing StreptaClick® Precision, the cutting-edge solution revolutionizing biotechnology and molecular research. Engineered with unparalleled precision, this monovalent streptavidin redefines binding affinity to biotin, ensuring unmatched specificity in molecular interactions. What sets StreptaClick® Precision apart is its incorporation of 1 to 4 alkyne groups, perfectly primed for seamless integration with click chemistry.

From advanced bioconjugation techniques for high-resolution imaging in super-resolution microscopy to facilitating targeted drug delivery systems, StreptaClick® Precision’s versatility knows no bounds. Streamline protein purification processes, enhance protein detection assays, and empower oligonucleotide research with precise modifications and labeling. Its adaptability extends further, allowing the development of custom click chemistry-based assays for biomarker detection and molecular interaction studies.

With StreptaClick® Precision, delve into a realm of limitless applications, empowering scientists and researchers to explore, innovate, and elevate their discoveries to unprecedented heights across diverse scientific domains.

SpectraSplit® 7

SpectraSplit® 7 are patented filter sets that empower fluorescence microscopes with seven color channels.  The channels are distributed over four filter sets and specifically separate the most commonly used fluorochromes in immunofluorescence (see table below). Hence, you can immunostain tissues with up to seven fluorochromes and still visualize each fluorochrome in the sample with SpectraSplit® 7 without bleedthrough. No additional software and no computational spectral unmixing are required. SpectraSplit® 7 can easily be installed in both standard and scanning fluorescence microscopes, and can be run with different popular light sources. See the description below for more information. Request a Quote

StreptaClick® Color

570 935 
StreptaClick® Color labels antibodies with fluorochromes, mimicking directly conjugated antibodies. StreptaClick® Color provides a rapid, robust, and flexible method for attaching fluorochromes to biotinylated antibodies. Once labeled with StreptaClick®, the antibody is stable and can be used in the same manner as antibodies that are directly conjugated with fluorochromes. The click reaction is highly efficient and can be carried out at any volume, concentration, or buffer. StreptaClick® Color is available in four colors: AZDye™ 488, AZDye™ 594, AZDye™ 647, and Atto™ 542. The AZDyes™ are structurally identical to the Alexa Fluor® dyes, and Atto 542 is a particularly bright dye with a spectral similarity to Cy®3. The StreptaClick® 2-Color Kit contains the Labeling Reagents for StreptaClick® Color 488 and StreptaClick® Color 647, along with Biotin Block Buffer. The StreptaClick® 2-Color Kit is suitable for multiplex IHC and Flow Cytometry. The StreptaClick® 4-Color Kit contains the Labeling Reagents for StreptaClick® Color 488, StreptaClick® Color 542, StreptaClick® Color 594, and StreptaClick® Color 647, along with Biotin Block Buffer. The StreptaClick® 4-Color Kit is suitable for multiplex IHC. Each color contains 500 μl of StreptaClick® antibody labeling reagent, capable of labeling 50 μg of biotinylated antibody, sufficient for approximately 50 slides. Select your StreptaClick® Color Kit:

StreptaClick® HRP Multiplex IHC Kit

390 1590 
The StreptaClick® HRP Multiplex IHC kit contains HRP antibody labeling reagent and a novel HRP block buffer that efficiently quenches HRP activity between staining cycles. Unlike other buffers, this HRP block buffer does not require boiling between cycles, thus not only reducing the time for each staining cycle but also making it compatible with both FFPE sections and frozen sections, all while preserving tissue morphology. The kit is compatible with biotinylated antibodies from any host species. Note: the kit does not include Tyramide dyes. The 3-color and 5-color Tyramide Dye kits contain Tyramide dyes and Signal Amplification buffer. 

StreptaClick® Precision

390 9900 
StreptaClick® Precision is a groundbreaking tool designed for precise protein labeling through click chemistry. It offers customizable streptavidin equipped with a specific number of alkyne groups (ranging from 1 to 4), providing unparalleled control over the labeling process. This innovation allows attachment of molecules with accuracy, through an alkyne/azide click reaction, catering to various needs from small-scale applications to bulk production. StreptaClick® Precision is suitable for “clicking” various reporter molecules, such as oligonucleotides, enzymes and nanoparticles, among others. By attaching biomolecules, users can adapt StreptaClick® to their specific assays, target systems, or production enhancements. Its controlled alkyne groups simplify product selection while retaining the biotin-binding capacity, enabling easy linking to biotinylated antibodies or proteins. The system's versatility extends across diverse scientific domains, from high-resolution imaging to targeted drug delivery and custom assays, empowering researchers to explore new frontiers in their fields with efficiency and precision. Contact us for further information